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about us

everis Aerospace, Defense & Security is a company within the everis group that offers global solutions for the deployment of critical systems in the aerospace, defense, security and simulation sectors, integrating reliable and innovative technologies from its own developments, directly or through its invested technology SMEs, as well as through the technology partners with which it has strategic alliances.


The company combines the stability and background of the everis brand with the flexibility and the adaptive capacities of its technological SMEs to provide state-of-the-art products and services in areas such as unmanned systems, C4ISR solutions, special vehicle development, intelligence systems and monitoring, critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, airport infrastructure management or advanced simulation tools.


everis Aerospace, Defense and Security currently leads ambitious projects all over the world for top-tier clients that demand the maximum reliability, including governments, intelligence agencies, armed forces, security institutions and large international corporations.

everis CERT

everis provides an integral approach to cybersecurity through its highly specialized areas, which include everis CSIRT, the Security Operations Centre (eSOC), the Ethical Hacking Centre and the GRC&BC area. These areas are integrated seamlessly to provide an efficient and complete coverage of the cybersecurity needs of our organization and our clients. The services provided are organized into:

  • Prevention: security auditing, pentesting, vulnerability analysis and any other service focused on the proactive identification of vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
  • Detection: managed by eSOC, it provides internal and external monitoring services and thread intelligence.
  • Response: the core area of everis CERT is provided by the CSIRT team, consolidates all the activities related to incident and artifact handling, analysis and response, as well as specific services for Malware Analysis and Forensic investigations.


In order to provide these services, the following dedicated infrastructure is in use:

  • Laboratory: a restricted and isolated area designed to provide our investigators with an area where to carry out the forensic investigations ensuring the confidentiality of the data and compliance with Chain of Custody and judicial requirements.
  • Isolated infrastructure: as part of the laboratory services, there is an isolated infrastructure designed to allow our analysts to safely test any suspicious code and/or malware sample.
  • 24x7 monitoring: our eSOC team is able to provide managed security services from our SOC center, a restricted area equipped with the necessary technology to provide these services remotely.
  • Special Security Requirements: we are certified by the CNI (Spanish National Intelligence Agency) for the management of classified information at National, European and/or NATO level, having all the necessary infrastructure, security measures and controls.

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